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Ocupacion Poetica

If you walk these days by Legazpi, near the old slaughterhouse, with an electronic device such smartphone, and connects to the Internet, you can hear and “see” poes ed, music and dramatic reading. While Spain fears away rescued, Arganzuela is already “intervened poetically” for a steadicam stabilizer cultural project launched Intermediae , the most avant-garde of Matadero Madrid. The thing works like this: the intervention Occupation Poetics allows geotag contained in a given space. If the visitor has a mobile device can access the internet, and found there and play audiopoemas, which previously have left others waiting to be discovered by people in streets, parks, squares, schools, businesses and public and private spaces of the Arganzuela area. To access the contents need to download a free video camera dolly tracks application, Layar in www.layar.com . The initiative is Juan Carlos Ibáñez Angulo , self-described as “cultural agitator” and is coordinated by the writer Carlos Contreras Elvira . It has already been conducted in more than 2,000 cases in 21 countries around the world. And now comes to Madrid. Augmented reality allows geotag contained in a coordinates determined. Accessing the Internet via mobile devices such as smartphones , you can find and play these files, provided you are within your range. Occupation poetry makes readers active track slider visitors to sites operated poetically. This first space noninvasive intervention unites literary, music and dramatic reading, and extends to different parts of the district Arganzuela. Streets, parks and squares, the environment Madrid Matadero Madrid and Rio, every school district Arganzuela, businesses, public and private spaces. Promoting the idea of anti-guide, will discover a series of audio-poems, in an attempt to deliver to neighbors and passersby a new way to see this portion of the city. Layar is hand held camera stabilizer an application developed with free software and licensed Copyleft And you can contribute content Intermediae invites poets, musicians, educators and anyone interested to submit proposals to continue this poetic occupation of Legazpi and other neighborhoods in the city. The “authority” in this country, making a planned use of the media, trying to hide the true heart of the social movement that has been generated over this year. We are fighting for the recovery of our public space, and education, is the first target. Imposed on us in the speech that we must not undermine the peace, against the development and balance of chile. But life is worth asking because we want to see quiet ridge. The same peace that require us to have written a history of plunder and betrayal . Do not let us put aside the memory, because glide gear memory is all that really belong to us. In response to this peace that we offer at gunpoint, the quote to meet on Tuesday July 26 at the corner on February 12, on this side of the barricade, next to the seizure of Gimpert building, now a space released for everyone to make a poetic occupation / chaconne of this building.


The content of Bellamatamatic changes regularly under thematic programs. The Program 2 , Developed between May and September 2009, contains selected www.lovefrozenyogurtfranchise.com issues under the theme Zin words . The products sold are editions from several countries have dealt with the poetic fact been otherwise, or seen the reverse, or simply never seen: issues about experimental poetry, visual, poetic genres unclassifiable review issues that the very fact editing poetry from points of view in turn poetic and demanding. Words Zin is hollow for other issues developed in the search for a certain poetry of contemporary artistic expressions from popular to high range of texts worthy of being published, and a selection of books and catalogs froyo franchise published by Matadero Madrid. It is also a machine mutant in appearance and outer packaging. In the words Zin Program 2 environment of the machine has been operated by an installation by artist Oscar Mora. Bellamatamatic continues its product line search publishers publishers discover new worlds, distant, rare or even those who deny their own definition as editorial product. Issues that emerged from small publishers, large emporiums, new ideas self-serve frozen yogurt shop or products that come straight from the kitchen of an artist without having or has had a claim to be an issue to use, or even an issue, period. All these issues varied origin and incorruptible experimental vocation is collecting OTHER WORLDS THERE, BUT ARE IN THIS , because we know that there are other worlds beyond the known worlds, and in the coming months these frozen yogurt equipment and supplies issues will be in it in this vending machine. According to current times, the Bellamatamátic selected editions for sale under the slogan: Do not buy here, sell very rare. The machine will dispense editions and editorial creations revolve around the idea of money, wealth, poverty, economic rights and wrongs and generally toward the yogurt in love material and monetary concerns. One issue on which the artists have worked and thought since long before the waves arrive convulsed in which we live this year.

Entrevista: Susana de Sousa

After her film (Still Life), Susana de Sousa dedicates herself again to the time of the Portuguese dictatorship. By means of an innovative cinematographic approach she best crystal singing bowls succeeds in creating a film of universal impact. At a time when the topic of torture is confronting us almost every day, reminds us of the practice of the Portuguese dictatorship and of the aftereffects, which still can be felt today. ’48 ‘Is the latest film from the Portuguese Susana Dias da Sousa projected on the Ship 16. In it, a film of 93 minutes, the artist makes a snapshot of the forty-eight-year dictatorship of Antonio de Oliveira Salazar in Portugal, the longest of the twentieth century in Europe. Through pure sound crystal bowls the account of some of his victims and pictures of their police records, women and men, young and not so young, peasants, workers and the bourgeoisie, a portrait is made up of opposition to the dictator. ’48 ‘Has won the Grand Prix at Cinema du Reel (France), the FIPRESCI prize in Dok Leipzig (Germany) Opus Bonum Award at the Festival of Jihlava (Czech Republic) and the Don Quixote Award. Susana Dias da Sousa (Portugal, 1962) is a filmmaker and professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon. In the installation ‘Men sitting’ on display in the Open Space Works x, Galician Carlos Rodríguez Méndez audiovisual presents a proposal contains a series of videos recorded from above in men older than seventy http://www.crystal-singing-bowls.com/ emit a continuous sound and unintelligible for a minutes. ‘Bello Public’ is the title that he gave the poet micro Garlic his photographic project conceived as a personal album. For over five years worked as Garlic Theatre box office of Bishop of Madrid where every day from the same angle performed one or more photographs to the public that he approached the box office for your input. The ‘gallery’, which is displayed in the Café Theatre of Ships of the Spanish, is an overview of popular faces of Spanish sacred sounds culture turn of the century. Achero Manas, Diego Manrique, El Brujo, Fele Martinez, Leonor Watling and Nacho Mastretta are some of the characters portrayed from the box office. Over the years, these images have become an archive of over a thousand photographs, a collection of faces, musicians, actors, neighbors, writers, etc. – Madrid players in the cultural landscape of late sacred sounds crystal singing bowls twentieth century. The career of Garlic has been developed both in the field of music as in poetry and occasionally in the interpretation and photography.

Medialab Prado

Citizens Energy at MediaLab Prado is to carry out its purpose have called a few days days 15 and 16 June in the premises of the slaughterhouse of Madrid with a participatory methodology free and with a broad spectrum of www.lovefrozenyogurtfranchise.com participation. In the Project MediaLab is where you insert the call, MediaLab, “is a production-oriented space, research and dissemination of digital culture and the area of confluence between art, science, technology and society. It began in 2000 under the auspices of the Municipality of Madrid. Among the objectives of the conference worth mentioning the following: ” Identify the different end users, the features about their reality, their froyo franchise effects, their ability to participate, where and how to verify the need for a more detailed level description and the role of the meter as the basis for management.” Citizens can avoid being excluded for the challenges of the energy system: energy, measurement, and uses intelligent information. The 5 main themes addressed by the group energy and commons la eléctrico, economic structure of the system. Any incipient transformation of the energy system? La national and European end-user including the relationship between agents of the cycle. To enter these five themes will be done through: Brief initial presentations and then open the other five groups participating in discussion and exchange. Practical activities around: monitoring, visualization and data interaction, Hack self-serve frozen yogurt shop your home energy and ZigBee + Barstorming Workshop. As a participant in the act, thanks to the invitation I coursed the organizers, to moderate one of the groups exchange and participation, I chose the topic: The consumer/producer of energy a reality in 2012, to introduce the topic of the group: A fledgling energy system transformation? Transmitting knowledge is always a pleasant task which encourages Forums MediaLab, which, no doubt appreciate, and wish them every success and follow a proactive attitude towards the important social issue as is energy. Four British-Indian frozen yogurt equipment and supplies artists will be visiting Madrid to work with Medialab Prado and Matadero as well as other organizations, collectives, artists and programmers to experiment and create new work. Saranjit Birdi will present a selection of his short video, animation and performance works followed by a question and answer session.Recent interests have moved to investigating territoriality, stereotype and social freedoms. This line of enquiry resulted in video and live performance works. Some of the works are influenced by his Indian and Sikh culture but result in a contemporary British expression emerging from a multi and inter-cultural foundation. He also explores issues of yogurt in love conflict. Performance edited by accumulation whose mechanics revolves around the sketch, proposed through the body spaces to insert into a plastic look. The vacuum is exposed as the power place. The plays as a central body to disappear and in its continuous visual deconstruction becomes absent subject and object present.

Country Back In Time

Established in 2006 to 14 artists in residence Ciudad Juarez, where they were to live and work, offering a wide degree of flexibility in time and snoring eliminator format, thus creating an enormous diversity of perspectives and methods that have been specifying in artwork since. Ciudad Juarez has suffered a massive social transformation in recent decades. What was once an attractive destination their job in the cattle industry and cotton has been radically changed by incorporating a textile plant, starting the war against drug trafficking and the growing numbers of unsolved cases of murdered women. The result is a mass exodus and the militarization of the city. The snore eliminator employment opportunities for young people are reduced to assembly plants, the ranks of police or organized crime. Here comes the Juarez Project, as a reflection on the forms of domination and discrimination, interested in exploring the relationship between the construction of masculinity, the exercise of violence and ways to vertical. The selection of artists for the project is consistent with an approach to gender through the eyes of man (meaning the set of attributes masculinity traditionally associated with this role: strength, virility, victory, courage, security and competition). The artists are Carlos Amorales, Gustavo Artigas, Artemio, Democracy, Ivan Edeza, Enrique Jezik, Ramón Mateos, Yoshua Okon, Antonio de la Rosa, Artur Zmijeski and Santiago Sierra. The results of snore mouth pieces their experiences on display, thanks to curator Marianne David, in Hall 16 of Matadero Madrid. Initially the project was developed from Juarez of a road trip through northern Mexico and southern U.S. border crossing that the writer and journalist Rodrigo Fresán described as magical border where everything changes in a few meters. Later, the interest in addressing this issue from a broad perspective, seeking to understand the causes of the current violence that lives there, Ciudad Juarez (Chihuahua) became the focus of research a group of artists. From various conversations and interviews with local specialists work we return to a format common in contemporary art, not far from journalistic curiosity and some as anthropological work is site specific. Consolidate a residency program in the city with the aim of producing several art projects in collaboration with agencies and communities in Juarez, then loading them into the international art circuit. The artists anti-snoring mandibular advancement device intend to invite men was a way of confronting masculinity in a place where the construction of collective identities, both those based on nationality as gender and their roles, are consolidated for many centuries.

Terraza Matadero

Matadero Madrid is a complex institution because, besides being in process of formation, is composed of different institutions, each with its own program, snoring eliminator organization and direction. Within this community, Manuela Villa works in a slaughterhouse Coordination Unit. Here we deal with issues such as synergies between the different institutions, communicating the space as a whole or reflect on the future shape and management of Slaughterhouse. But also, they have a line of independent programming, as it could have each of the other institutions of Slaughterhouse. Their role, as is twofold. Policy direction of this unit does not attempt Coordination of Matadero Madrid an “area of ​​author” and give the institution of a particular theoretical corpus. Our work has more to do with issues of cultural policy, and specifically with issues related to support creation, especially in the field of visual arts, discipline is not represented by the other Institutions to currently working in space. Although we are not limited only to the discipline. From this place, our role as an institution in connection with the promotion and projection of artist-not necessarily-young is essential. With programs snore eliminator such as Aid to the creation, mobility aids, the Archives of creators, curators Archimobile or meetings as produce, display, perform, we intend to financially support the creators and creative fabric, create links between the arts community – between artists, between artists and curators, including agents, etc. or facilitate the internationalization of talent agents. While they do not do a special emphasis on youth from the makers or agents of creation, do not set age limits. Finally, being a municipal space, we emphasize the link with the city of Madrid. Her work in promoting contemporary art through the conduct of programming. Although, as she says they are a training institution, they do not have an educational section as such, they emphasize the discourse that bring contemporary art to the general public through, for example, video interviews with the artists snore mouth pieces where they explain how to install which can be viewed through video channels, a blog, facebook, etc. Or through programs such as White Night, held from Matadero Madrid, and which, despite its possible faults, is a great tool for the dissemination of contemporary art. Throughout her career she has been totally unrelated to the commercial art field so she can not answer this question very well. She has not found the name of cultural product, but she guesses that is commonplace in the world of collectors, galleries and art fairs. There is a lack of planning at the political level and institutional level that causes the institution truly born without a deep analysis on the why. An unfinished task later rarely rushes from the institution itself, to some extent by the inertia productivist just prioritizing the institution. Lately it feels that appear linked to contemporary art institutions that repeat each other’s areas of work without a true reflection on their need. Standard models are imported of institution, rather than investing in research and anti-snoring mandibular advancement device development of truly innovative projects. The only statement of intent that it exists and seeks to regulate the appointment of principals and programs for cultural institutions, is a document written from an association that has not undergone any democratic process and sometimes given as a solution to the problems of institution of contemporary art.

30 New Designers To File

Art makes people happy which is one of the most important factors in life. Nowadays, arts are needed by the young people as a form of self expression, communication, exploration, imagination, and cultural understanding. Anyone who creates tangible or intangible objects such as consumer products, snore eliminator, games, or graphics, the one who has passion for it is referred to a designer or artists. They identify the structural properties of a design object. Typically, the main area of major arts considered only painting, sculpture, and architecture. The design of clothing, furniture and other ordinary artifacts were left mostly to tradition specializing in hand making them. Due to the increase in population in the society, the need of snoring eliminator production had also ascended in which the production method became more complex the way design and production is created. The education and experience that forms the base of a designer is normally comparable regardless of area of specialization, regular training and actual work is the only time the designer will be introduced to a special field. Spain is one of the most important contributors of snore mouth pieces. It had produced many famous and influential artists including Velázquez, Goya and Picasso. The Spanish art has often had unique characteristics that the differences can partly be explained by the Moorish heritage in Spain. A recent display of art works by Diego Velazquez was primarily and an example of the significant contribution Spain has made to the world of art.  The quality of his art was one of the most excellent anti-snoring mandibular advancement device that can be found throughout the museum of Spain. The great heritage began when an unidentified man gave Spanish art its beginning on the ceiling of a cave at Altamira in northern Spain. One of the world’s greatest art galleries and displays is the Prado Museum where the works of Goya, Raphael, and Rubins are displayed. It does not only present every work of artists but instead it tends to show the highlights of the museum, Rembrandt’s master piece of the goddess Artemis is one the few highlights and is often considered the artist’s most stunning piece. Goya has also various paintings displayed there, paintings that have caused uproar when it was first put on general display. The arts center which is Matadero Madrid is a lively, constantly changing space which serves as a medium for artistic practice, interactive artistic education and dialogue between the arts. This was built to help reflect on the modern sociocultural environment and to support the process in building culture of the present and future. It is understood that the viewpoint of a culture is to able to enter the standard of economic activity designed as an integral piece and constant creativity becomes a powerful activity in the whole Matadero Madrid.



Crasmusicas: Emergency in Spain

Crasmúsicas Cycles are a unique musical event, through a program of froyo franchise concerts that unite the various classical music with advanced technology. Unpublished works arising from the work developed by composers of classical field, along with their counterparts in the field of electronic music. The proposals explore compositions and musical genres like classical requiem, opera and cabaret, in relation to culture and contemporary yogurt in love art production. Favor hybridization between different genres and art forms and creative use of the latest technologies, engaging the public in a process of discovery, renewal and redefinition of contemporary music. The 2nd cycle Crasmúsicas will be held in five sessions between April and July 2012 and will take place at the premises of the Red Bull Music Academy, Nave Music Matadero Madrid, a real village musical recording studios, rooms and test various scenarios in a unique setting, surrounded by self-serve frozen yogurt shop gardens and recreation areas that encourage a relaxed and informal listening exciting and uninhibited. The title of the series Emergency in Spain, aims to highlight the role of culture in the social construction and the need for a critical attitude on the part of cultural agents in the problems facing contemporary society. The opening concert, Thursday April 26 at 21 am, will present the new frozen yogurt equipment and supplies of Jesus Rueda, National Music Award 2004 and composer of international renown, with Ispirián Basque, one of the foremost exponents of electronic music today. The program will be performed by “Blowing” flute quintet led by the innovative and versatile Julian Elvira. Full cast Javier Belinchón percussionist in the orchestra of the Community of Madrid. Some of the performance like ”Requiem” by Wheel Jesus, who recently won the National Music Award and Basque Isprian from PlaygroundMadrid. You will also witness the performances of some performances like ”Blowing”, a flute quintet which will be performed by Julian Elvira, Eduardo Costa, Cristina Marin, Ignacio Rincon and William Thomson & Javier Belinchón in the percussion. In the form of Requiem, Jesus Rueda, in collaboration with Basque Ispirián and Blowing, explains his latest work and overwhelming. The versatile recorder quintet language causes it to present as a choir and organ symbiosis between antiquity and modernity with new technologies. What’s more, their will be drinks & food that will be served for visitors and enjoy the music of DJ Pelacha.  Pelacha is one of the national djs with more projection in the international arena and has won many awards and has always been a favorite guest dj in most grand parties in Spain. All will be recorded and transmitted direct streaming through Crasmúsicas website at www.lovefrozenyogurtfranchise.com. Crasmúsicas production is an initiative in the field of contemporary music, experimental and avant-garde. Its activity is focused on creating projects in the development of new contexts for listening and for the promotion and distribution of its proposals at the international level.

Proyectos Espesyales: Apertura Al Río

Manzanares River, a narrow, often dry river that Madrid, Spain can never boast unlike any other countries that have impressive ozone generator rivers. Although this river is small and unimportant geographically, it played a great role in history of Madrid. The city was found by the Moors (referred to several historic and modern populations of Berber, Black African and Arab descent from Northern Africa, who came to conquer, occupy and rule the Iberian Peninsula for nearly eight hundred years.) as a an ozone air purifier citadel overlooking the river in the ninth century. The river was also presented in lots of works of art from the late 18th to early 19th-century painter Francisco P. Goya, which displayed typically outfitted Madrileños in hobby like dancing or getting picnics near the river. The Manzanares seemed to be an essential defense line for that Republican forces throughout the Siege of Madrid within the The spanish Civil War, and lots of bunkers can nonetheless be seen close to the village of Perales del Río. The Bridge from the French, has a crucial importance due to its strategic location. There, national ozone generators forces were frequently repelled and refused use of Madrid’s city center. After eight years of construction, continuous disruption, and arguments in regards to the understanding of massive urban renewal during the time of the current recession, the city can claim a river worth its stature – at the fee for 420 million pounds ($597 million). Though missing in magnificence, the quiet waterway has provided a fantastically gracious and varied setting that delivers land-locked city dweller a break in the crowded, busy streets and summer season temps that frequently soar above 100 levels. “I’d call it a miracle;” according to Gines Garrido “No one would have believed this area would someday be a place of calm, cleanliness and beauty.” Searching around in the people taking pleasure in the mid-day, it’s easy to visualize modern versions of artist Francisco Goya’s 18th-century memories of typically  outfitted Madrilenos dancing and getting picnics near the river. Soon it is much more reminiscent of this period as restaurants and coffee shops, bookstores begin appearing through the microdermabrasion machine parks. Certainly, if anybody knows how to capitalize of enjoyable conditions, it’s Madrilenos. They haven’t wasted a minute in rediscovering their lengthy neglected Manzanares River. A guide of all the facilities is currently presented in Spanish, English, French and German from the Madrid Tourist Board’s information points. To mark the opening of the new access and integration in Rio Madrid, Matadero Madrid held a series of activities for all ages last weekend of June to July 1.There will be an event at the slaughter house square, songs for summer times and exhibition of art works by artists File Creators Madrid. The act of suicide, is a dance and performance at the Nave 16 and more events to be held at the place.

Socigram Interactive

Socigrama interactivo is a type of an art set up in Matadero Madrid that responds to the presence of sacred sounds when they pass through the Intermediae building created by Daniel Rojas and Carles Gutierrez. The project is an experimental strategy to the interactions created between individuals, particularly when they exist in the same space. The links made among them are displayed graphically. An interactive space that enables discovery and experimentation, and influences the development of routine pure sound crystal bowls mechanism among participants. The installation is a part of the testing period og space of the weekly courses on lighting, sound and movement hosted by the Debajo del sombrero group at Intermediae. Light, sound and movement was created from the programme Al Matadero sin Miedo, as a place for continous discovery on shapes and sacred sounds crystal singing bowls components that lead to arising new expressions in participants and collaborators. Getting a master in fine arts in lighting is possible. Light is the most vital aspect in making art. Film makers, photographers, cinematographers, painters, and writers use light to produce structure and ambiance. The fact is, shop owners, business managers, architects, and almost anyone buying a counch on the porch or near the pool considers light in picking their choice. A masterpiece such as a painting is basically an presentation of light. An artist does not paint a flower, but rather paints how the light is shown off of the flower. To enhance the features the artist worked to create, proper picture frame lights, and art lights should be used. Art lighting and best cystal singing bowls are an art and skill on its own. Choosing the best light for the perfect art, matching the mood, enhancing the theme and improving the artist’s pallet are all part of the design. There are many factors that need to be considered when designing a lighting plan. There are several other concerns to consider when creating a lighting plan that rise above offering the best characteristics of a painting. One fundamental concept of any design is relationship to other objects in the room, be it other works of art or just simply things like a fireplace, fish tank or large plant that might need focus. The other significant concern is preservation of the work of art. Natural light, fluorescent lights and other forms of light emit ultraviolet rays that can damage some works of art and lead to the fading of colors and images. Indirect natural light, while liked by an artist at work, may not be the most suitable choice for a finished product in exhibits at http://www.crystal-singing-bowls.com/. Sculptures are actually a great choice for natural light. In Matadero Madrid, they have skylights that allow rooms to be lit and change by the hour creating a dynamic experience. Quality of light is essential also. Natural light reveals the blue tones, incandescent light brings out the warmer tones. Fluorescent light is just plain ugly. Halogen lights are often used in museum settings and offer descent quality. While there are a lot of things to consider when lighting, the bottom line is always the same; if it works it works. Just like in Sociograma interactivo which creates an interaction in lights, movements and sounds that opens up new opportunities for experience, observation and relations among participants, in this interactive space that contains each attendee’s movements and the influence of light.