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Since 2001, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Singapore organized the yearly Sylvan Company Internatonional Arts Carnival . This year the gallery guarantees its audience enchantment, bewitching and enticing exhibits. Last year was a family-themed expo that was designed to cater the young children, teenager, and adult audience. It consist of four groupings namely, The “Singapore – an Infinite City” through the great effort of the World Expo, and is aimed to provide spa treatments in an in-depth perception of the country and the opportunities it provides. “HeARTS Linked” is a programme intended to suit the family. The “ABC Come and See” program to absolutely captivate the youngsters ages 3-6, while the “New Generation” show was centered on teenagers. The Arts Carnival features various arts, particularly puppetry, spa equipments, drama, music, physical comedic theater, children’s films, musicals, dance, media theatre, acrobats and clowns. These are just several choices found at the carnival. Aside from the must watch events, a practical approach session like workshops, outdoor carnivals, exhibitions, outreach programs, demonstrations and cultural tours are also available and schedule of activities can be checked at www.sylvancompany.com. From whatever field a person may be, the carnival was perfectly designed to bring out the artistic talent of each person and is aimed to meet their criteria. Performers, artists, entertainers from local and international stream joined together to put up a great show which will run from June fifteenth to June thirtieth. These artists come from different parts of the world, including Spain, Russia, Canada, France, Australia and Japan. The Expo 2012 is arranged to start with a spectacular ballet production of the popular children’s classic Snow White. Created by the European based Southern Ballet Theater, this event is arranged to interpret the story of Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs, and the Wicked Step Mother with an astounding acrobatic and technically first-class craftsmanship. If tourists heading for Singapore during this period in search for Singapore hotels then advance booking is suggested. The Fragrance Hotel in Singapore is one of the most in demand hotels with its glamorous facilities and peaceful surroundings which gives an excellent accommodation for the visitors. An introduction is no longer required for The Gallery as it has carved a market for itself in the world of art exhibitions. Its practically seminal perception of recording art fairs from all over the world has given an opportunity for amateurs and also professional artists to achieve international exposure by means of a user-friendly discussion that help them to show off their work and talents for art lovers and enthusiasts everywhere. Some of the many priceless benefits offered at the art Gallery include commission-free purchases of art pieces, a widely educational web magazine featuring day to day updates, design events, and poll voting for displayed art pieces. The well-known street art area is highly hip with its unique mixture of videos and pictures of paintings, graffiti and other mode of street art and expression, which absolutely creates entertainment as well as appealing and mind-boggling exhibits. Artists are perhaps the user group which finds the gallery the greatest with regards to the chance to display their talent and to find international exposure, or even communicate with other professionals and assess the works of others. Each and every artist can make his or her special profile page, and students of art are especially likely to take advantage of the abundant networking opportunities on the market.


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Matadero Madrid

Matadero Madrid, the project promoted by the City Council of Madrid’s Department of the Arts is managed by the Directorate General for Cultural Projects track slider through Matadero Madrid’s coordination team in cooperation with other private and public organizations. The name is taken from the space; Matadero Madrid is based in an old slaughterhouse in Madrid’s Arganzuela district. It has been converted into an arts center and is an active, ever-changing space at the service of the creative processes, participatory artistic training and discourse between the video camera dolly tracks arts. Its purpose is to further consideration on the contemporary sociocultural environment and support processes to create the culture of today and tomorrow. It is a unique laboratory for experimentation and furthering new cross-disciplinary glide gear formulae. The namesake and the home of the Matadero Madrid was built on the 21st of June 1911. The construction of the slaughterhouse or the “matadero” in Spanish and livestock market, marked one of the most singular industrial hand held camera stabilizer establishments in 20th century Madrileño architecture. The structure was designed around a complex of pavilions typified by functionality, constructive sensibility, and simplicity of concept. It however, also features a certain historic element, certain Neo-Mudéjar characteristics, such as tiles with abstract designs. Until 1996, the complex was used as a slaughterhouse. The Madrid City Council decide to convert the steadicam stabilizer space into what it is today at the turn of the new century. In accord with its experimental purpose, the renovation work has been established through a newly added, adaptable, and reversible architecture that employs industrial materials that blends easily with the site’s character. In doing so, Matadero itself has become a chance to experiment with the city of Madrid’s changing architecture. Matadero Madrid has accepted the task of integrating restoration work with cultural activity and public access in a pledge to getting the public involved in its development. This commitment has been kept up and extended, while always holding fast to the main lines of the project, including artistic production and experimentation, dissemination and exhibition, and training and research. Matadero Madrid embarks on this work with the highest respect for the inherited industrial legacy and with its attention focused on the surrounding neighborhoods and the city of Madrid without losing sight of the international scene. The incentive of contemporary artistic creation is an essential part of Matadero Madrid’s mission, and this continuously comes with a multi-disciplinary, hybridized, and revolutionary perspective which leaves room for all modes of artistic expression: the visual arts, reading and literature, the performing arts, film, music, design, architecture, urban planning, and landscaping. From this perspective, the participation of the city’s main agents and institutions that work in diverse fields of cultural creation has been, and goes on to be, fundamental. This commitment has helped us to produce a model of institutional, public, and private cooperation that makes possible society’s involvement in the project and assures the project’s plurality, autonomy, and feasibility.